17 January 2010

Menu Plan For Jan 18th-22nd

I went grocery shopping yesterday and spent $128 out of $150.  That sounds like I was under budget but in reality I have to run back to the store this week because there was no turkey meat, I forgot crackers, and I have a feeling that I will need to get another gallon of milk.  We definitely will be needing milk because we have CEREAL now!!! YAY!!!!

Here is our menu plan for this week:

Monday~ Cereal
                  Turkey & cheese roll-ups with orange slices
                  Homemade Mac & Cheese

Tuesday~ Pancakes
                  Homemade chicken nuggets with fruit salad
                  Pork chops with brown sugar apples

Wednesday~ Cereal
                       PB&J sandwiches with strawberries
                       Chicken Tetrazzini

Thursday~ Eggs and bacon
                   Noodles and pineapple
                   Chicken with Lipton potatoes

Friday~ Cereal
              Sandwiches and smoothies
              Breakner (breakfast for dinner)

There are some meals that we didn't eat last week so I plan on eating them this week.  There is a new pork chop recipe that I am trying this week, thank you to a friend of mine for sharing the recipe!

The hubby does not work on Monday due to the Federal Holiday so we are planning on relaxing and recovering from the big football weekend before we jump back into school and work. Then next weekend we have an even bigger football weekend, because we have two teams striving for the Super Bowl.  So we really need to rest for next weekend ;)

How was your weekend?  Did you watch football?  Any new recipes?

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  1. I will also be making another run to the store soon. There were several things I needed to buy that either weren't available or weren't on sale this morning.

    We did watch a good bit of football this weekend - mixed in with some college basketball!

  2. I had to laugh at your cereal comment... my mom & grandmother have started buying ds#3 small boxes of cereal whenever they see them in the store, and we've gotten so many samples in the mail that I think we have enough cereal to last everyone about 2 months without having the same kind twice!!

  3. Hi there - it's great to meet another blogger in Alaska! Are you by chance in Fairbanks? Thanks for the baby compliments, also. Have a great week!

    Danelle Ice / Home Ever After



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