18 January 2010

Our Homeschool Room

For some reason it has occurred to me that it is January and we are about half way through the school year.  WOW!  I can't believe how fast it has went.  Well, I guess with the move, and the Holidays the school year did somewhat slip by.  I started school in late July knowing that we were going to take quite a bit of time off during our move.  While in Maryland I never decorated or set up a room in our house for school due to us being packed up and moving within a month and a half.  My kitchen in Maryland had a lot of natural light and we would sit at our kitchen table, and work for few hours a day on school.  Well, that is not working for me here in Alaska.

We still sit at the kitchen table but most of our light is coming from electricity, and one window that is in the dining room.  We are able to look out the window but the sun does not get high enough in the sky for us to see it above the rooftops.  The walls is the dining room/school room are not colorful, has one Americana picture on the wall, and a dry ease board that I use for school.  That is it!!!  How boring?!?!?!

I know I get bored looking at this:

***my two blessings sit at each end of the table and I sit in the middle of the table***

If I get bored then I know my two little blessings are getting bored looking at that:

While still in Maryland I had purchased some items to hang on the wall for our new home here in Alaska but have yet to do it.  Well, I cannot say I have yet to do it because I have, in the basement. Originally when we moved in I was still a little undecided if I was going to turn my basement into an entire school room.  After I started hanging some items on the basement wall I started thinking that we will go crazy down there.  The basement is more of an eye sore than a school room.  So I brought school back to the dining table, but failed to bring some decorations up to the new "school room".  Until now......

***I will be picking up a multiplication poster later this week that will go on the far wall by the window***

***this is the view from where my daughter sits***

***the bookshelf is where we store our everyday books***

I had some extra baskets laying around that I am now using for flashcards, pencils, crayons, scissors, and glue.  Now we are able just to grab the baskets and set them on the table for easy access.  Unlike how it use to be:

***Say hi to "Mr Skeleton"***

This is where we use to keep our school books until I started using the other shelf in the dining room.  So unfortunately these shelves have be somewhat unforgotten.  We grabbed what we need and then just throw set the items back in here.  I decided it needed to be fixed and now it looks like this:

My daughter and I spent about an hour or so decorating the room.  It is funny because my daughter mentions how much the room is really starting to look like a "real classroom" and she says "thanks mom, thanks a lot" "because it was really boring in here during the day."  Boy, was she right!!!

I am really looking forward to having school tomorrow!!!

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  1. Your school room looks great! I'm in the process of turning part of our huge bedroom into a library/resource area. I'm excited to have everything all in one place.



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