26 January 2010

Homeschool Update...

Remember last week when I posted about our homeschool room?  That room was so boring with nothing on the walls and just one window to look out of.  That was until my daughter and I decorated the room to look more like a schoolroom. 

I just wanted to update you on how much it has made a difference in our school days.  My son and daughter are still talking about how much they love the new room.  Having the cursive alphabet on the wall has really helped my daughter with her writing.  She loves that she is able to look up and see what she needs to do instead of flipping back to the page she did before.  My son loves that we have the United States map in the room. We are learning about the state of Alaska and he loves that we are able to walk over to the map and examine the details of the state. 

I have really seen a change in their attitude towards school.  Before I could tell they were bored with the room but now; now they are eager for school and eager to use the visuals I have set up on the wall, and to be honest so am I! 

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  1. Hi! We're in the process of trying to sell our house, and it is a little like your "before" pictures. Since the WA housing market is taking forever, I'm slowly putting our school maps, charts, etc. back up on the wall. It does make a difference! Oh, and it looks like we have the same Mr. Skeleton!! Enjoyed reading your blog!



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