04 November 2014

Oh How I Love Daylight Saving Time

Why oh why???

Why does daylight saving time need to end???

I mean do not get me wrong I love the extra hour of sleep and the extra hour during the day to get things done. I know there are 24 hours in the day and just because daylight saving time is done does not mean we are now receiving 25 hours in a day, but it sure does feel like it! Yesterday I felt like I was Superwoman with everything I had completed.

However, the whole my little man waking up at 0530 since the clocks have changed can stop now. Little man has always been my early riser BUT this whole 0530 thing is just too much. I guess the plus side of him rising early is this mama has more time for coffee. Yes, that works. More time for coffee.

I guess this whole rising early thing isn’t such a bad thing. I mean you cannot go wrong with more coffee! Maybe that’s why I felt like Superwoman yesterday? Too much coffee? Naw. You can never have too much coffee.  


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