27 October 2014

The Invasion That Stole Their Joy

As I sat in the arena surrounded by women my heart was aching. As I was sitting there I made a full turn so I could see the arena of women standing. Hurting. Crying. In despair. My heart hurt so much for these beautiful women. I wanted to leave my seat and just hug each and every one of these ladies. Many of these ladies felt defeated. The enemy had come into their lives and stole their joy. So many women are standing. I cannot believe what I was witnessing.

Up until that moment many of these women believed they were the only ones dealing with these feelings. Many of these ladies thought they were alone in this battle they were fighting. Many of these women were hiding and not wanting others to know they are hurting. They portray themselves as a strong woman while they are dying on the inside. Not just physically but spiritually.

The cancer has overtaken their bodies. They do not know if they will beat this horrible invasion that is occurring in their beautiful bodies. They are fearful. They want to believe that God will heal them but oh the doubt that creeps in. They know others have won this battle. They know they can beat this invasion because others have won. BUT will they?

Oh if only these women knew that God cries with them. God sees their tears. He catches each one. He cries alongside them. He hurts just as much as they do. He watches his beautiful daughter fight this battle. Just as a parent hurts for their child, He hurts for them. He grabs their hand, crying, and hurting with them.

Will all these women standing in this arena defeat the invasion within their bodies? Maybe. Maybe not. The speaker begins to pray. I hear sniffles all around. I find myself crying. Tears rolling down my face. I hurt for these beautiful women. I do not know their battle but I hear their cries within this arena. I imagine this is what He hears. His children crying. Hurting. In despair. Oh how He must hurt too.

The prayer is over but their battles are not.

The sniffling has subsided and the roar of cheering women begins to fill this arena. There is a battle within their bodies but they are choosing joy. 

They are choosing Him. 

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