09 September 2014

Embrace the Season

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 As the weather changes, we begin to see new seasons arriving outside. Fall is not that far around the corner. Next thing you know we will be dawning warm fuzzy socks, comfy sweatshirts, sipping hot chocolate while sitting around the fire pit. We turn off the air conditioner and open windows to allow fresh air to sweep through our homes. We go pumpkin picking. Sip apple cider. Burn candles that smell like fall. We watch as the leaves begin to change and know in due time they will begin to fall to the ground. We begin to embrace the new fall season.

We know shortly after fall another new season will be approaching and we begin to prepare for winter. Sometimes the season can last for months or only a couple of weeks. We know the seasons change and each time a new season approaches we prepare. It feels as though we cannot truly enjoy the season because we are constantly preparing for the next season. Isn’t that what we do in life?

Constantly preparing for the new season in life.

We face seasons in life where we cannot wait for a new season to approach because we are done with what we are facing. We just cannot embrace the season we are in because it is hard. What if we changed our way of thinking during those tough seasons? What if we are to learn something from that season? What if the season causes us to dawn the Armor of God? What if we fixed our eyes on the lesson we are to learn rather than the problem?

We begin to sip apple cider while reading His Word. We feel His warmth as His arms wrap around us. The closer we draw to Him, the more the fresh air, His breath, sweeps through our own home. We begin to feel refreshed.

We start to embrace the season. We feel stronger. We are comforted by Him. We know that this is only a season and will not last forever. The stronger we become the more we cause the enemy to step back.
Eventually he flees.

Embrace the season you are in. Learn from the season. This season will help prepare you for the next season.

He will help you as the seasons change.


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