03 January 2014

To-Do List For 2014

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The beginning of a New Year. New goals, new resolutions, a new start. Many people including myself declare a new way for the New Year. No matter what you call it, goals, resolutions, or a to-do list, it is important to create a detailed list of how you will meet those expectations you have set for yourself.

Over my break that is exactly what I did. I sat down and wrote out what I wanted to complete and then wrote how I was going to do that. For example, I would like to lose 40 pounds this year. I wrote down an average amount of pounds I needed to lose each month then how much I needed to lose each week. I then wrote out how to lose those pounds, no soda, cleaner eating, and more working out. After that was complete I went into more detail about the foods and workouts. The more details you have set for your goals the more likely you will complete them. The most important thing to remember when making your list is you have time. So many people want it down now, and forget that certain goals take time. Another important note: you may take a few steps back from your goal before reaching it and that is okay. Just readjust and start moving forward again.

After speaking with my mom about the New Year she mentioned that instead of making goals or resolutions she is making a to-do list for 2014. I LOVED this because I am such a list maker and love crossing items off. Yes, I can do that with goals but a “to-do list” is more exciting to me. I mean I add “drink coffee” on my to-do list just to cross it off! Please tell me I am not the only one who does that. J For certain items on my to-do list I set specific dates to complete that task. I felt this was a little more accountability to me. I noticed last year I just made goals without setting dates and this caused me to tell myself, “oh you have time to complete that” and what happen? Yes, it did not get done.

I would love to share my 2014 to-do list with you. The list I am sharing is my simple list. I have a more detailed list written out. If I shared that then it would take forever to read! I have the list broken down into 5 categories: spiritual, parenting, physical, household, and personal.


*Read at least one chapter in Bible every day

*Finish reading the Book of Jeremiah

*I have chosen 9 books in the Bible that I would like to read

*Start a prayer journal and pray daily for those listed in my journal

*More quiet prayer time

*Complete two Bible studies. Power of the Praying Wife and Power of the Praying Parent


*Pray daily for my blessings (already do but like to keep it on my list)

*Take time each day for one-on-one time

*Once a month “mom and me” dates

*Better eating habits

*Limiting screen time (less electronics)

*Start doing chores (again) other than cleaning their rooms

*Teach more cooking

*Teach little man to do his own laundry


*Lose 40 pounds

*Run a 5K on treadmill without stopping by March 27th.

*Run in at least three 5K’s

*Schedule cheat meals on calendar

*Make a motivational book

*Make monthly goals each new month

*Make weekly goals

*Complete one unassisted pull-up


*Make a master list of items needed for the home

*Revamp index card system (my chore chart)

*Organize our basement storage area

*File papers each Monday

*Weekly menu plans

*Become debt-free

*Pay cash for another vehicle


*Read two interest books each month; one fiction and one non-fiction

*Bring GPA up in school

*Focus more on my school and stop skipping assignments

*Get back on track for homeschool

*Work on time management; more organized

*Wake up at 0600 each morning (This will take timeJ)

*Work on homeschool co-op twice a month and schedule it on calendar

I do not have a lot of items compared to last year, which is good because then I can complete more tasks. I do not want to get overwhelmed with too many tasks because I know I will not complete them. I have slowly started working on some of these items and come next week we start back to reality; we start working on our 2014 to-do list.

What goals or resolutions do you have for 2014?

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