22 July 2013

Menu Plan for 22 July-28 July

We did amazing at following the menu last week. We only strayed from one meal! This week I am hoping for the same. I would say that we do not stray at all but we already did for breakfast J I had pancakes for breakfast this morning but we decided to get doughnuts for the blessings since we were bringing my daughter to camp. One last treat before she left. Maybe I will just change the breakfast for today and then we will be on track with following the menu? Yes, I think I will do that J

Monday~ doughnuts


                  fettuccine alfredo

Tuesday~ cereal

                  yogurt and fruit

                  spaghetti pie and corn-on-the-cob

Wednesday~ muffins

                       leftover spaghetti pie

                       creamy chicken soup

Thursday~ french toast

                    leftover soup


Friday~ waffles


               dinner out (volunteering at county fair for church)

Saturday~ eggs and bacon

                   grilled turkey and cheese with fruit


Sunday~ cereal

                leftover enchiladas

                your choice
What is on your menu for this week?

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