22 July 2013

Life Off Track

Last week I was working on getting back on track. The track called life. The last two years of our life have been in shambles. We have gone through many trials and God has brought us through each one of those trials. During the trials we fell off track and have been struggling to get back on course. I knew the only way to do that was falling on my knees asking Him to help. I needed Him to show me where and how to get back on track. Each day He is revealing new things to me.

One thing He has shown me is the blessings’ schooling. Our homeschool is not like it once was. Do not worry school is being done, BUT it is nothing like before. We go through the motions. We do our work just to get it done. I began to wonder if the blessings’ were truly learning because I felt I was not teaching. He revealed this to me about a month ago. It became reality this weekend when my daughter announced, unexpectedly, she wanted to go to public school. We have always told the blessings’ when it came to high school they will have a choice to go to public high school or continue to be homeschooled. My daughter has never mentioned wanting to go sooner. After much prayer, done by me, we found the true reasons why. I was failing them. So, we He fixed the problem.

Another thing He has revealed to me is our schedule. We need to get back on a schedule. This includes me waking up early before the family. Trust me this will be all Him because mornings and I do not work well together. Our blessings’ mention how they miss having a schedule. Even my nine year old son. Shocking. I know.

During my prayer time I have asked Him when all went well with us in regard to schooling and our schedule. He revealed to me our time in Maryland and the first year of living in Alaska (2006-2010). Our school life and regular life were on track. We had a routine. I was not failing my family. I pray that God will bring this back for us, which I can already see Him working.

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24

626. Our new schoolroom

627. My daughter communicating her feelings to me

628. Following our menu

629. God revealing the areas that I need to fix

630. A two hour phone call with a friend

631. Godly advice from close friends

632. The new school year

633. Our family prayer time

634. A clean garage

635. Rain

Anxiously waiting to see what blessings I will receive this week…..

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