15 July 2013

Menu Plan for 15 July-21 July

I must admit making these menus were a little more challenging because I had to make them for three weeks. I feel like we are eating the same things over and over. I guess it is time to look for some new recipes. I have us eating out twice these three weeks, which I was not happy with but because of our schedule it was easier to eat out. HOWEVER, we will be frugal, such as one night we will be eating at a restaurant when the kids can eat free. This coming week is a pretty laid back week with baseball, school for the kids and I, and church. I love weeks like this!

Monday~ blueberry muffins


                  chicken, rice, and corn-on-the-cob

Tuesday~ french toast

                  sandwiches, yogurt, and watermelon

                  dinner out

Wednesday~ toast

                       apple and peanut butter wraps

                       fried rice

Thursday~ waffles

                    hot dogs and fruit

                    baked ziti with peas

Friday~ snickerdoodle cake

               leftover ziti


Saturday~ eggs and toast


                  leftover ziti

Sunday~ cereal

                cheesy chicken and green beans

                your choice

What are some of your favorite meals in your home?

Need new recipes ideas…please share J

1 comment:

  1. a delicious week at your house!
    I haven't made baked ziti in ages - thanks for the insiration.



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