01 July 2013

Menu Plan for 1 July-7 July

Last week we did pretty well with sticking with the menu. We did stray here and there but overall did very well. I started planning my menu's by pay periods instead of weekly, which caused me to visit the grocery store weekly. Now that I plan paycheck to paycheck I am able to see exactly what we will be having each day and can buy all the items ahead of time. This allows a lot less trips to the grocery store, which can result in me impulse buying. I do not understand why it took me so long to do this. I am liking it because less food is being wasted and money is being saved.

Little man's birthday is today so he planned today's meal.
Monday~ doughnuts
                 hot dogs and fruit (mom added this part...shhhh)
                 dinner out

Tuesday~ french toast
                  apple and peanut butter wraps
                  chicken tetrazzini

Wednesday~ waffles
                       leftover chicken tetrazzini

Thursday~ cereal
                    leftover tacos
                    BBQ at church

Friday~ toast with fruit
               lunch out with friends

Saturday~ pancakes
                  grilled turkey and cheese
Sunday~ cereal
                leftover enchiladas
                your choice


  1. Nice easy menu!

  2. Happy Birthday to your little one! Great job on creating this week's menu.



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