19 July 2013

Meal Planning Can Save You Money

Every week I share our menu with you all and I have expressed how meal planning can save you money. It is true. When you make a menu and follow the menu you can start seeing your savings add up. The most important factor to seeing your savings add up is following your meal plan. I cannot tell you how many times we have gone grocery shopping, had my menus in place, and we end up eating out three times that week. Then wonder what happen to our money. I am not saying you cannot eat out because you can. Just add eating out to your meal plan.

When I say add eating out to your menu plan I do not mean three times that week. Try to limit how many times you eat out; maybe once a week, once every week, or once a month. I know many people work outside the home and it is so easy just grab something from the drive-thru. However, it is just as easy to make a sandwich or grab some leftovers from your house before you leave.

Some days occur where I do not want to make what is on our menu. So I switch that meal with another meal in the week. Be flexible with your meals and meal planning. I am not saying you have to follow it to the “T,” but it is important to follow your menus if you want to see savings.

Also when you are making your menus you can make them as detailed as you want or little details. For me I need to write down each meal for the day because it works well for me. Others just plan for dinner or some people make a list of meals for the week but do not set a day for that meal.

End result: menus save money if you follow your menu.

Try it.

Make a menu for two weeks and do not stray from it. You may be surprised at the money you save from not eating out.  

Do you menu plan? What method of menu planning do you use?

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