18 July 2013

Kid's Chore Chart

Our blessings have chores that we expect them to complete each day. I have used paper chore charts where I just write in the chore expected of them. I felt that I was just wasting paper and time. I needed to find an even easier way.

Last year a friend introduced me to her method of a chore chart that she uses for chores that she needs to complete. I then incorporated it for myself. Well, a couple days ago I felt that if this method works for me then maybe it would help the blessings. So, I made up an index card chore chart tailored to them.

I use different color cards for each child. Purple is for my daughter and red for my son. On each of their color-coded card I wrote chores that pertain specifically to them such as cleaning their rooms and picking up items around the house. The blue index cards are chores that they complete together and chores that I can rotate to individual chores. For example, this week my daughter is responsible for unloading the dishwasher, so I put that card on her purple cards. She now knows that she is responsible for that chore. The cards that are at the center bottom tell the blessings that those chores are to be completed together such as schoolwork. 

I have asked my blessings if they prefer this method or crossing off the items on a list. They both said they enjoyed this method because they like completing the chore and putting the card back in the index card box holder for the next day.

Do you have a method for a chore chart?
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  1. This looks very simple to use! That is what kids need. Thank you so much for sharing and linking up at Ultimate Moms Resources!



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