16 July 2013

Its the Little Things

We have some days where it is the little things that make our day great such as a smile from a stranger, an encouraging text or email, all the laundry is washed and put away, or having some quiet time. Okay the last one may be huge but either way we all moments that can make our day. For a while I was not been feeling that way. I have felt overwhelmed, lost in chaos, and feeling like I cannot get ahead of anything.

Until recently.

Yesterday my heart was filled with joy and I was a conqueror!

The little things were adding up to big things. God was with me. Instead of trying to do things on my own I allowed the day to take its course. I was setting no time limits. I did not add pressure to myself if certain chores did not get done.

I did have a few items that needed to be done such as grocery shopping and three assignments due by 11:59pm. So I tackled each item and focused solely on that item. I did not worry about what I needed to do next because I would then become overwhelmed and begin to stress.

I completed all my shopping and all that was left was my homework. Three assignments due with five hours to work on them. Stressful? I think so. That is what happens when I procrastinate. When will I ever learn? I began to work diligently and only took a break to put our blessings to bed.

As I was working I could see God working. I could not get over how easy the assignments were. My instructors basically gave all the answers. Maybe the instructors always do and I do not realize it or God was clearly showing me the answers. I am going with the latter.

My last assignment was turned in 15 minutes before the deadline. No assignments were late. I conquered my day with His help.

Sometimes it is the little things that make us grateful.

What are you grateful for today?

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  1. Hi, Barb! I can totally relate to sometimes having that stressed-out feeling, where I'm overwhelmed with all I have to do! So glad God helped you focus on the tasks at hand and you got all you needed to do done! It is a great feeling! So much to be grateful for! Thanks for stopping in at my blog and leaving a comment. I'm now following yours!!
    Blessings to you! Ann @ Cairn Cottage



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