02 July 2013

He Just Wanted Family

Yesterday we celebrated little man’s ninth birthday. We spent the day opening gifts, eating doughnuts, playing laser tag, rope climbing, playing arcade games, a trip to the mall, trip to the library, dinner out, and then ended the evening sitting outside enjoying the weather.
First day of Nine Years Old

Yesterday I kept thanking Him for blessing me with a son and I was also grateful for the fact that my son chose to spend his day with his family and not his friends. As time was approaching for his birthday I asked him if he wanted to bring friends with him to laser tag and dinner. Then his friends could spend the night afterwards. My little man said no and he wanted just us; his dad, mom, and sister. My heart was melting. My little man wanted to spend his birthday with just his family. Happy mama moment.

My little man is growing up too fast. Thank you Lord for my son, my blessing.
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