08 July 2013

A Slow Moving Week Full Of Blessings

Last week seemed to go by slow even though we were busy and trust me I was fine with that. I knew this week would be a little hectic with my school back in session, hubby out-processing from the Army, homeschooling, and the blessings extracurricular activities. I enjoyed last week and felt the blessings pouring down upon us.

606. Lunch with friends who are about to move

607. Watching fireworks with our church family

608. My friend’s daughter is doing well after passing out for a few minutes

609. All the family time we spent together

610. God reminding me He is with us as we transition to civilian life

611. Little man chasing hubby with a water balloon at our church BBQ

612. Hubby’s shoulder is healing

613. God allowing me to be there for my daughter when she needs me

614. My relationship with my daughter

615. Hubby making me laugh

What were you blessed with this week?

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