11 June 2013

Retirement Weekend

No words can really express how amazing our weekend went. We had late nights, early mornings, a lot of laughter, tears, and memories. God is so good!

The weekend began on Thursday afternoon when my brother-in-law and two sister-in-laws surprised my husband. Hubby had no clue that his brother, sister, and sister-in-law were arriving for this big moment in his life and we were all in tears. Later that evening my parents, my younger brother, and my other brother and his family all arrived.

Friday morning arrived and all was well until hubby left for rehearsal. From out of nowhere the tears began to flow down my face. I was an emotional wreck. I was washing dishes and tears were flowing. The same when I was ironing clothes, showering, and trying to put on make-up. Then I really started when I saw my hubby in his dress blues. Reality had set in that our life in the military is coming to an end. If hubby’s body was not so broken we would continue this life, but it is time for him to hang up his boots.

Prior to the ceremony my sister and her family arrived for the ceremony. We had so many family members attending the ceremony that my family felt very blessed. Along with family we had close friends attending as well. Again the emotions overcame me.

After the ceremony my family came back to our house and we had a spaghetti dinner. After dinner the entire went outside and played games. I honestly have to say that Friday was my favorite day of the whole weekend because we were surrounded by family. Just family. I sat and watched my son and his uncle chasing each other with light sabers. My two sister-in-laws helping the nieces do back bend kick overs. Then the kids did wheelbarrow races. Later that evening a game of flashlight tag began. Nothing but memories was made.

Saturday we held a bar-b-que for those who traveled from out of town. We wanted to show our gratitude for taking time out to celebrate this large moment in our life. At one point in the day my sister and brother-in-law surprised us by traveling down to spend the day with us.

The weekend was nothing but blessings. My family continues to talk about how much fun we had this weekend. This is the closest we have lived close to family in 10 years and I am so thankful. God truly blessed us with an amazing weekend.
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    1. Thank you Kendra! I needed to fine the one's that did not show my swollen eyes from crying ;)



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