17 June 2013

Menu Plan for 17 June-23 June

I have gone long enough without a menu and our wallets are seeing the effects. Life is a bit chaotic lately and I need organization. We are getting back on track with our Dave saving and spending, which means menu making, coupon clipping, penny-pinching, no eating out way of life. Normally I make a weekly menu and shop weekly. However, I am changing it up a bit. I have made a menu for two weeks and have already done the grocery shopping for the two weeks. I should only have to get milk during these two weeks. My goal for the next two weeks is not to stray from the menus.

Monday~ waffles
                  noodles and strawberries

Tuesday~ chocolate chip pancakes
                 sandwiches and apples
                 baked ziti

Wednesday~ french toast
                       leftover baked ziti
                       grilled cheese and pasta

Thursday~ cereal

Friday~ bagels
               leftover baked ziti

Saturday~ cereal
                   crock-pot cheesy chicken and noodles

Sunday~ cereal
                hot dogs
                homemade chicken nuggets and rice

**Hubby has surgery on Thursday so our meals are very simple and we will bring our lunch with us. Then the rest of the week is easy meals.


  1. I like simple menus. Have you ever tried making grilled pizza?

    1. Kendra I have not. I have seen a lot of people trying it and heard good things but it is something I have not tried. I may have to try it!



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