27 March 2013

Say Nothing

I sit before the computer and wonder what I am going to write today. "Lord, what do you need me to say?" The word nothing keeps coming back to my mind. Nothing? Why would this word be revealed to me?

Has anyone ever been frustrated by someone and it has caused you to speak before you think?

Oh I cannot count how many times this has happen to me. I can tell you it happen to me this morning. Not once, not twice, but three times. I became frustrated and just blurted out whatever was on my tongue. Oh how powerful the tongue can be. The power it can release; the power of hurt. The tongue can also release powerful things such as encouraging words or love. One day I will learn with His grace and love, of course.

This morning I stood at my kitchen sink looking out the window and speaking with Him. “Lord, why do I say the things I say?” Oh how life would be if I learned to say nothing. If I could just hold my tongue and then things would not escalate to something larger.

People say things and we feel we need to defend ourselves or retaliate.

We are quick to condemn or point out planks in other people’s eyes.

I wonder what life would be like if at times we said nothing.

Yes, we can voice our opinion, our beliefs, and our feelings, but sometimes would it be better to just say nothing?

Would it be better to just smile and show love?

If you call hubby to pick up milk on his way home from work and he grabs the wrong kind. Try to say nothing. No matter how many times you tell him what kind you get, try to be thankful.

Thankful that he stopped and now you have milk.

Say nothing negative.

Say thank you with a smile.

Your son is constructing a masterpiece out of Legos and his room is covered in Legos. How many times have you asked him to pick up the pieces? Look at the blessing. Your son is building a masterpiece. He is using his imagination and not in front of the television. He is building a masterpiece for his mommy. A masterpiece that he worked hard on and is waiting for praise on his hard work, not reprimand for the mess he made.

Say nothing negative.

 Smile. Praise him for his work. Give him a hug. Set the masterpiece on a shelf for all to see.

Then help pick up the Legos together.

We have two choices in life:

To speak or to say nothing.

We have to ask ourselves “is what I am about to say going to rise up this person or hurt them?”

Oh, how I need to ask Him for His help.

How I need to learn to say nothing.

How I need to speak of love and not hurt…..

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  1. I need to work on this too! Have a great week!



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