26 March 2013

He Called Me To Homeschool

When my two blessings were little tots, I would tell my husband that once my little man started school I was “retired.” When the blessings go to school then that was my time. I figured since I spent the last five plus years raising the kids and preparing them for school then I would take the hours they were at school to me. I imagined going to the gym, grocery shopping alone, running errands, and enjoying some quiet time. Then after about half-way through my son’s first year of school, God called me to homeschool.
One would think I was shattered by this. I mean what happen to me being retired? My alone time? I was the opposite. I cannot say I was excited at first because homeschooling my blessings was a huge step and one that I never thought I would take. However, if He called me to do it then I knew He would guide me along the way.

I am so grateful that God has put this calling on my life. I enjoy having my blessings at home with me. I enjoy watching them grow in their studies. I love hearing them tell their daddy how much fun school was that day. I love watching the “aha” moments when they finally grasp a concept that was troubling them. I love that I am learning with them. I mean did you know that a blue whale is 110 feet long! I love how homeschooling allows me to teach the blessings to their learning styles.

I do not know how long God wants me to homeschool, but I know that I am going to embrace each and every day.  I am going to embrace having my blessings home with me because at any moment that can change. Yes, I have my moments where I ask Him if this is what I am supposed to do. Yes, I have moments where I want to pull my hair out. Then, He gives me a blessing.
A blessing of my daughter grasping a tough math problem that we were dealing with for days.

My son making huge strides in his reading.

A blessing of having the opportunity to stay home and homeschool.

Today I accept the blessing of homeschooling my two blessings….

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  1. That is the same way I am. I'm the last person I thought would homeschool but I love it. I get to use my teaching degree on my own children.



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