04 January 2013

My Marriage Goals for 2013

If you have missed my list of goals for 2013 please click here.  Yesterday I went a little more in-depth with my Spiritual goals. Did you miss it? Here is a link for you to click on if you would like to see those.  Today I am writing about my marriage goals for 2013.  Married life can have its challenges, but it can also be full of love and happiness. It is important to focus on God first and then your spouse. The most important part of marriage that my hubby and I have finally figured out is putting Him in our marriage.

The hubby and I have gone to church for many years and have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior. However, we never really understood this putting God into our marriage thing. We thought we did. I mean we go to church, we respect each other, love each other, we are raising our children to know God's Word, we say prayers as a family at bedtime, and meals. It was when we started doing devotionals and praying together that we realized what putting God into our marriage really meant. The hubby and I began each morning to pray with each other. We wanted to start our day right with Him. Then in the evening before bed we would do a devotional together. We were connecting spiritually together and drawing closer to Him within our marriage.

As the holidays were approaching, the hubby and I started to drift away from our routine. It definitely has been set on the back burner. We need to put it back on the front burner. It is important to the hubby and I that our children understand what it means to have God in a marriage. It is also important that we do this for ourselves.

Daily devotional time.
We will be continuing our devotional where we left off. Right now we are using Dr. James Dobson's Night Light Devotional. The hubby and I really enjoy this devotional because it is not very long, and it has a few questions to answer together.

Daily prayer time.
We would have our morning prayer before hubby left for work and we would pray after our devotional each evening. I have noticed that we did this through the work week. We never prayed in the morning on the weekends. I do not know why but we just did not. So we are going to incorporate more prayer time together.

Leave weekly note for hubby.
Sometimes I take advantage of my hubby. I just know that he will do certain things around the house, or go to work, or do a great job as a daddy. But do I tell him that I appreciate it or that I love who he is? I mean I do tell my hubby thank you and that I love him, but does he know what I love about him. I will be leaving weekly notes for my hubby telling him what I love about him. I want him to know that he is loved. If anything would happen to either one of us I want him to know that I love him with all my heart and blessed that he is in my life. I will leave him weekly notes stating what it is that I love about him. Plus, it is a great way to flirt ;)

Monthly date nights.
The hubby and I rarely go out together. If we do it is when we are with family and someone watches our two blessings. We need to do more date nights. It either being going out to dinner or a movie or staying home. With us starting Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University I do not think that going out will be occurring to often, unless it is frugal. Our monthly date nights will consist of us playing a board game, watching a movie at home, or eating a late dinner. Our date nights need to focus on us as a couple. No texting, no facebook, no phone calls. Just us. In order for this to succeed I need to put our date night on the calendar, that way there is no "oh we did not have our date night this month."

My overall goal for our marriage is to be stronger spiritually and to have God the center of our marriage. This is not just for 2013 but all the days of our life.

Did you set any marriage goals for 2013?

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