01 January 2013

My Heart Is Happy

As I was growing up over the years I did not have the closest relationship with my mom.  I struggled with many things especially as a teenager. I was one of those teenagers who did not need their parents. I knew I could handle life on my own.  That was until I gave birth to my own daughter. My whole life perspective changed. 
 I realized how much I needed my mom.

I would catch myself calling my mom over every little thing that was going on with my daughter. Mainly for two reasons: 1) I was a first time mommy and had no idea what I was doing and 2) I needed to hear my mom say it will be just fine and I was doing good.  My relationship with my mom became stronger and stronger. To this day, I talk with my mom on the phone at least three times a week.  My mom and stepdad are the ones who showed my husband and I how to walk with Jesus.  They planted the seeds within us. I am forever thankful to them for that.

This past Christmas season I was so grateful that my parents could spend the week with us. We have not seen my parents for over a year and a half, and the last Christmas we spent with them was back in 2008.  This Christmas season was very meaningful to me.

My heart is happy.

My two blessings were able to strengthen their bonds with their grandparents and create new memories. My husband was able to bond with my stepdad and do "manly" things around the house, while my mom and I watched and made little comments at the men. 

My heart is happy. 

The hardest part is watching my parents leave. Over the years I have become a big time mommy's girl.  The miles that separate us is sometimes to much to bear. I would love to have them closer and having them over for dinners during the week.   I would love having them watch my son's football games and watching my daughter perform in her gymnastics. However, at this moment in time they cannot. God needs them back in South Carolina. I pray that one day He can bring them closer to my brother and I, and that it is quickly.

Although my heart hurts watching my parents leave today; my heart is happy for the time we had with them. God blessed us with their presence during this Christmas season.
So for that I am forever grateful.

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  1. What a wonderful blessing to be able to share Christmas with your Mom. Praying you are able to get together more frequently this year.



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