08 January 2013

He Blesses Me Again

December 2011 I finished my last class to earn my Associates degree in Criminal Justice. I have always wanted to get a college degree, but once out of high school I joined the military. I then met my husband and then became a mommy. So I guess you can say I am working backwards; marriage, kids, and then school. Either way it works. Once we were settled into our new home in the new state that we now call home, my desire to go back to school was starting to get stronger. I knew that we could not afford any more student loans. I needed His help.
I prayed.

God knows my desire for school and how much a college degree meant for me. A college degree to me is something that I have always wanted. I would love to get my Doctoral in the Criminal Justice field. I do not know if I would ever use my degree but it is a sense of accomplishment for me. An accomplishment outside the home.

Last summer I began to seriously think about going back to school. I continued to pray asking Him to show me what I am suppose to do.  I could not afford to pay for college and I did not want anymore student loans. I prayed that God would open a door for me to attend college without putting any more financial burdens on my family.

I kept seeing commercials or advertisements about a certain college. I knew many military spouses whom have gone to this particular school and really enjoyed it. I decided why not check it out and see what it has to offer. As I am searching the school I see the tab for military. I clicked on it and scroll down taking in the information it had to offer. Then I saw it. God showed me what I needed to do.

Scholarships available for Wounded Warriors and their family members.

I prayed. "Lord do I deserve this?" "The hubby is considered a Wounded Warrior and is an alumni of the Wounded Warrior Project, but there are so many who have suffered serious injuries on the battlefield." I am not worthy enough to receive this scholarship." His response, "Trust in Me."

25 Wounded Warriors and 25 family members would receive the scholarship. I decided to just fill out the information and send in my essay on why I should receive the scholarship. In August, I sent everything in that was needed and said "okay God this is all yours." 

The paperwork I received said I would find out on a certain day in October, but then an email said another date in October. I did not know exactly when I would find out. August to October is a very long time even though it is only two months, it was a long wait.

I woke up one morning in October and knew I would find out that day. God had put it on me that today is the day. By 4p.m. that day I thought "hmmm maybe it wasn't God telling me. Maybe I was telling myself." Not even five minutes later the phone rings. I answer. "Hello, is this Barb? I am so and so from so and so calling you in regard to your scholarship packet......."

My heart is skipping so fast. Her voice is not hinting anything to me. She continues with "we had an abundance of packets received this year and I wanted to tell you about your results..." Instantly I tell myself "you did not get it, why do you think you did." I turn back to the conversation and I hear "Congratulations you have been accepted for the scholarship."

Tears begin to fall.

I wanted to say "shut the front door!!!!" But chose other more professional words when I could speak. I was in shock. How was it that I, earned this scholarship? I could not fathom what she was saying. I was overwhelmed. The essay that God wrote through me is what played the key role to my earning of the scholarship.

I was overwhelmed with emotions. I was going to earn my Bachelor's degree for free? On top of that I was going to receive a new laptop?  Everything was going to be paid for?

More tears.

What God showed me that day I cannot put into words. The doubt I had put in myself, He showed me otherwise. He showed me His love.

I am now in my first week of school and so grateful of the blessing that He has given me. A desire that I have always wanted. He has provided it to me...for free.

My heart is happy.

He is good.


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  1. Congrats on your associates and congrats on the scholarship! Thats so very awesome.

    And we have the same story: Military out of HS, married my husband, had kids (then I got out of the AF) and NOW I'm working on school. This is my last semester (finally) for my bachelors. Then its my masters. ugh. BUT I wouldn't have done anything different if I could have. Well, ok, maybe take a few more classes while I was still active duty... but still... At least I am able to show my kids that its never to late to go back to school, and they will see me walk at graduation. :D

    Good luck in your schooling!




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