29 November 2012

Wounded Warrior Project - "I'll Stand By You"

As a Veteran and a wife of an active duty Soldier I can say that the military is very important to me.  I have even more respect for those who have been injured or made the Ultimate Sacrifice.

When we were stationed at Fort Meade, MD my husband had a doctor's appointment at Walter Reed Medical Center. As I entered the hospital the feeling I had was indescribable.  During that visit I made a wrong turn and ended up in the prosthetic wing. The emotions overtook me. The tears just rolled down my cheeks. I will never forget the image I saw. That moment forever changed my life.

Many Soldiers have visible injuries but many have invisible images. Many suffer PTSD, TBI, or injuries that affect their abilities everyday but you can not see that by looking at them.  In the video one of the injured Soldiers makes a very true statement. He says "You do not have to support the war, to support the Soldiers."  Some people disrespect our military for fighting this war. I will not get into the politics of all that because honestly this is not about that. This is about bringing awareness.  Awareness for those who endured injuries while serving for OUR country and OUR freedom.  Even for those who dislike the military. The military members even fight for them.

Please take a moment to watch this powerful video. It is only a moment of your time that many military members have fought to provide you. Could you please do that for those who stood up to defend our country? 

If you are interested in learning more about these brave men and women or to make a donation please visit The Wounded Warrior Project.

**This post was not endorsed by the Wounded Warrior Project.

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