26 November 2012

Home for Thanksgiving

My family and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I pray you all did as well. My family back home actually has Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday. This allows the rest of the family to spend the holiday with their other family members such as the in-laws.  Then on Saturday the extended family arrives at my parent's home and we indulge in food and conversations. Our last Thanksgiving we spent with my family was in 2006.  This Thanksgiving was a blessing to be home. 

381.  Thanksgiving dinner

382.  Money for Black Friday

383.  Black Friday shopping with sisters and stepmom

384.  Conversations with family

385.  Laughter

386.  Nieces and nephews playing

387.  Watching family members meeting the newest family member

388.  Remote car starter

389.  Putting up our CHRISTmas tree

390.  Quiet evening with hubby while CHRISTmas lights and fireplace are glowing


  1. Definitely the remote car starter!

    1. Yes!!! I know you all are thankful for it with the 40 below weather you all are dealing with. Stay warm!

  2. what a wonderful opportunity to be able to spend that time with your family. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving together!

    1. Thank you! It was a blessing! I pray you and your family had a great Thanksgiving :)



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