19 November 2012

Different Seasons

I am sure some of you are shocked to see a blog post. Some may be thinking "about time."  Others may say "oh she is back to blogging...again."  Some may say "I wonder how long she will blog this time."  Others may not even notice. 

God brings us through different seasons of our life's. We can go through a season of living on the mountain or going through the valley. We can have seasons of walking with Him or falling away from Him. We can have seasons of going back to school or having a career or having children. We can have seasons where our children are now grown and moving to their own homes. We can have seasons of blogging and seasons of not blogging.

During my season of not blogging my family faced many blessings and a few losses. Within a month and a half my hubby lost three members of his family. His dad went to be home with the Lord. We were truly blessed that God allowed us to make it to Indiana before He called his dad home. My hubby then lost his aunt and his guardian that raised him from birth. That month and a half was a tough season.  Although it was tough it did bring healing for my husband and other members of his family.

Even though we lost loved ones, God poured His blessings upon us as well

321. Hubby reconnecting with a sister whom he has not spoken to in over eight years

322. My sister-in-law meeting her nephew for the first time

323. Laughter of memories from the past

324.  Living close enough to family to be home during difficult times

325.  Living close enough to family to spend the holidays

326.  Living close enough to family to spend time with and make memories

327. Cameras to capture memories

328. Morning coffee

329.  Peppermint mocha coffee creamer

330. Delayed wash setting on the washing machine

331. Hearing others praise my children for their obedience

332. My daughter's faithfulness to Christ impacts those around her

333.  My daughter's obedience and love for Jesus

334.  My son choosing to listen to the Bible app rather than playing games

335. Crockpots

336. Tithing

337. The blessings completing their chores....without complaining

338.  Hubby cooking dinner

339.  A fresh cut yard

340.  Ikea

341.  Hubby taking on the role of Spiritual Leader

342. Hubby leaving Scripture verses for me to find

343. Hubby leaving gifts for me to find

344.  Full ride scholarship for me to receive my Bachelor's

345. A clean home

346. CHRISTmas cottage Scentsy

347. Hearing my blessings call out to Jesus when they need His protection, His love, His grace, and His forgiveness

348.  Hearing my blessings asking for prayer

349.  Watching my blessings pray

350.  Watching my blessings walk with God

351. Early morning kisses on the forehead as the hubby leaves for work

352.  Morning hugs from my blessings

353.  Bonding with my nephew who rarely sees me

354.  Bonding with my nephew who hardly knows me

355.  Hearing my nephew call for his auntie

356.  My sister telling me my nephew asks for me when I am gone

357.  Spending a week with one of my sisters

358.  Conviction

359.  My daughter moving up a level in gymnastics

360.  Watching my son participate in his first year of football

361.  Our homeschool co-op

362.  Home for the holidays

363.  Fall

364.  Friendships that reach across the nation

365.  Redemption

366.  The birth of a new niece

367.  My brother blessing me with giving his new daughter my middle name

368.  Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst

369.  Healing of hubby's arm from surgery

370.  Hubby's retirement orders from the Army

371.  The precious birthday gifts from my two blessings

372.  Devotional time with the hubby

373.  Purchase of our first home

374.  Waking up early

375.  God taking away my strongholds

376.  Big Daddy Weave's song "Redeemed"

377.  Pinterest

378.  Our Compassion child

379.  Receiving letters from our Compassion child

380.  Blogging again


  1. Wow! what an overwhelming list. Thankful for God's graciousness to you and the healing He accomplished through this recent hard time.


    1. I had to make up for the months I missed ;)
      Yes His grace is enough :)

  2. I had to giggle. Shopping up here is so limited that I so understand why you put 340.

    1. I know! Where we live now is in a small town but we are only 20 minutes away from the larger stores...nothing like the 8 hours you all have ;)

  3. My husband also lost a family member this summer. His step mother unexpectedly passed away. I think it was one of the hardest phone calls I have ever received. Thankfully, the Red Cross was able to send the four of us back to the states for the funeral. Losing loved ones is very hard for everyone and healing doesn't come easily.

    And welcome back to Blogging. I took a long break as well, then switched blogs and made it only viewable to family members. After a long 1-1/2 years of being absent from the blogging world I'm back and here to stay (hopefully! lol)

    I <3 Ikea too ;)

    1. Welcome back to you as well!

      Praise God for Red Cross. We have had to fly home when stationed overseas and Red Cross is such a blessing during those difficult times.

      Ikea is so awesome :)



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