20 November 2012


Many of us can turn on the radio or a CD and have a song speak to us. The song can touch you in such a way you do not realize the tears are streaming down your face.  Or the song may cause you to jump up and dance and be thankful for your blessings.  I have many songs that cause me to be thankful and to praise Him for my blessings.  There is one particular song that brings such peace over me that all I can do is bow before Him and thank Him.  Today,  I would like to share that song with you. I pray that you listen carefully to the words and focus on the feeling the song brings to you.

Can I ask that after you listen you would kindly leave a word or feeling that it brought to you? Would you do that?

Thank you.

Here is Big Daddy Weave with the song "Redeemed"

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