04 June 2012

Today's Shopping Trip, 4 June 2012

Today the blessings and I went to five different stores.  By the time we arrived home I was wiped out. I am thankful that the stores are in the same area because I feel that I had an overall good shop today.  My goal was to stay within the range of $30 but I knew that I was not going to make that.  So, I decided that the goal was $50. 

Our first stop was Dollar General.  I was not planning on stopping there until I received an email stating that the store had a twin pack of secret deodorant for $2.50 and I had a dollar off coupon.  I had deodorant on my list anyways so I thought it would be wise to stop.  I am glad I did! I walked around the store and did some price comparisons and now I know where to go for certain items.
Here is what we purchased:
2 boxes Pasta Roni $1 each
Secret deodorant $1.75 - $1 off coupon= 0.75cents
Overall Priced Paid:

Dollar General
Our next stop was Walgreens.  I really took my time in this store.  I wanted to really pay attention to the sales and the prices.  I also compared prices in the store and realized that the milk is about 70cents cheaper than any of the other stores.  Now when hubby is on his way home and I need milk I know where to send him. 
Our Walgreens items:
Tampax tampons $7.49-$1.00 off coupon= $6.49 and received $2 register rewards= $4.49
All Laundry Detergent $3.49-$1.00 off coupon= $2.49
Colgate Toothbrush $2.50-$.75 cent off coupon=$1.75 and received $1 register reward= 0.75cents

Overall Price Paid:
Walgreens Trip
Our next stop was Family Dollar.  By this time I was getting somewhat tired and just wanted to get the items I went there for. 
Here is what we purchased:
2-12packs of Pepsi $8-$2 coupon=$6
Pepto Bismol $2- $0.50 coupon= $1.50
Colgate toothpaste $1.00- $0.75coupon= $0.25
2 bags Doritos chips $7- $2 coupon= $5

Overall Price Paid:
Family Dollar Trip
Right next door to the Family Dollar is the Piggly Wiggly.  This was my first time in the store and I saw that the store is no longer Piggly Wiggly.  The store is no longer offering the discount store cards which help for the in-store sales and gas at the Mobil that is located in the parking lot. I was not sure what to expect of the prices when I entered but have decided I will only shop there when they have sales.  The store officially changes to Our Town Fresh Market tomorrow and the store has a new sales ad prices starting on Wednesday.  A couple of the Wednesday sales were on my list so I am waiting til then to finish up the rest of the shopping.  One thing I purchased was two pack of hot dogs.  I was debating on purchasing these because I like to buy turkey franks or all beef hot dogs for my son, since he is the only one who eats them.  However, I decided to go ahead and buy the regular hot dogs.
Here is what we purchased:
Lettuce $0.78
2 packs of hot dogs $0.88 each
Mozzarella shredded cheese $1.98

Overall Price Paid:
Piggly Wiggly/Our Town Fresh Market
Our last and finally store was Wal-mart.  Let me tell you, we were tired by the time we reached this store.  We were ready to be done.  Wal-mart was where I spent the most for the day, but I was expecting that. 
Here is what we purchased:
condensed milk $1.00
cooking spray $2.18
oil $2.78
2 packs of gum $2.00- $1.00 off coupon=$1.00
tea $3.48-$.55 off coupon=$2.93
2 packs of starburst $3.76-$1.00 off coupon=$2.76 (hubby will take a bag to work)
gallon of milk $3.23
pound of stick butter $3.48-$.75 off coupon=$2.73
eggs $1.92
bread $0.88
Overall Price Paid:

The grand total for the shopping trip today was:

I was $4.00 over what I wanted to spend but I am pretty happy with the end result.  On Wednesday I will be heading back to Walgreens to snag a deal that will end up being free after using register rewards, manufacturer coupon, and receiving $5 back in register rewards. I will post that deal on Wednesday.  I will also head to get cheese and bananas from the Our Town Market, and I might pick up some dishwasher tabs from Dollar General as well, but I need to decide if it is cheaper to just wash by hand or use tabs.  What are your thoughts?


  1. Washing by hand is always cheaper in my book. Have you considered making your own laundry soap? That should save you a considerable amount.

  2. I figured washing by hand was cheaper. I've decided to wash by hand and use the dishwasher as little as possible. I have made my own laundry soap before, but I have not made any since I ran out which was a year and a half ago...lol However, the hubby and I just discussed last night that we were going back to making laundry soap. Once we get some extra cash I will be making a batch. Thank you for the advice :)



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