06 January 2012

No Coincidences With God

Today we have hugged and said our goodbyes to close friends.  Tonight we do the same with another family.  Tomorrow four more families.  Army life is hard when it comes to leaving our friends, especially those who are considered family.

We were to leave Tuesday of next week, but there has been a change, and we are now leaving this Sunday.  This PCS has definitely kept us on our toes.  We keep changing dates and God changes the duty station.  No matter what has been thrown at us, God keeps us moving.  He continues to show us a little of His plan each time. 

Two days ago the hubby and I were in the lobby speaking with another Christian, and we were telling him that we are feeling that missionary work is in our future.  We already have an area of ministry that we would like to work in, and we feel God placing it on both our hearts.  The gentleman went on to tell us that he knew the perfect person to contact in this area of ministry.  Later that evening I received an email with the contact information.

Some may say that was a coincidence, meeting with the gentleman in the lobby, but I say "I think not!"  God placed that gentleman in the lobby for a couple of reasons.  One was because the hubby need a piece of paper signed and the other was the contact information.  Nothing is a coincidence when it comes to God. 

Nothing is a coincidence.  This morning I opened my email and read KLove's encouraging word.  Can you guess what it was? Proverbs 3:6.  Coincidence? I think not!  He is showing us pieces of His plan. 

As long as we keep our hearts and eyes on Him, He will reveal the whole plan in His time. 

What has God shown you lately?

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