24 March 2011

How White Rice Saved Me Money

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 Today the hubby and I took the kids sledding down a large hill and we called it PE.  It was great fun and very tiring.  On our walk back to our house the hubby just had to shove me in the snow.  Yes, can you believe that?!?!  He shoved me in the snow.  I guess the white, fluffy, snow was too much for him and he just had to do it.  I guess I may have had a little bit to do with that since I tried pushing him in, but of course he won.  Well, I forgot I had my phone in my pocket and when he finally let me back up, I reached into my pocket and grabbed my water-logged phone.   

Hubby tried his best with drying it off and we thought everything was fine.  A few hours later I noticed that when I received a text message it would not make the ding noise it usually does.  Then the hubs tried calling me and I could not hear him.  It then dawned on me that something was wrong with my phone.  I was paranoid nervous because I just upgraded my phone and did not want to pay to fix it.  So, little man and I ran to the cell store and they informed me that water damage is not covered on my warranty.  The nice lady though did mention to put my phone in a bag of white rice.  So, I left the store praying that this worked.

As soon as I walked in the door I poured some white rice into a sandwich bag, put my phone in the bag, and then let it sit.  After about a two hours I pulled the phone out of the bag; praying the whole time.  I told the hubs to send me a text (he sent 10) and boy did I hear the  most wonderful noise, it worked!

I know of people who have put electronics in bags with white rice and the rice soaks up the mixture.  The white rice should be regular white rice and it may take a couple hours to 24 hours for the device to work.  This is not guarantee and I am not an expert on this and only speaking from experience.  I am happy that it did work for my phone and no money will be used to bring it back to life.

Have you tried the white rice trick before?  


  1. Wow, I had heard of this before, but wasn't sure it would really work. I'm glad it did!

  2. Yep! It works wonders. I've used it a few times.

  3. I had never heard of this trick - how neat! So glad it worked for you and I will definitely try it should my husband find some snow to push me into! ;)



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