08 November 2010

Multitude Monday #11-20

holy experience

This week has gone by so fast but it was a week where my cup was running over.   

11.  My daughter's decision~Kaitlyn made the decision to be baptized and I am so proud.  (hoping to get my post up of her baptism this evening; if my other computer will work for me.)

12.  My Alaskan family~ I have such great friends here in Alaska that I am truly blessed and thankful that God has put each and everyone of them in my life. 

13.  My church~We have found our home church for the next three years we are here in Alaska and it feels like home.  Our church family is truly a blessing.

14.  30 Day Give~ This challenge is truly opening my eyes to what I can do each day for someone.  I just love it!

15.  Freshly fallen snow~The beauty is breathtaking!

16.  My date with my hubby~ The hubs and I had a wonderful date on Saturday.  The time spent together was refreshing and we laughed so much.

17.  Our babysitter~We just love her!

18.  Homeschooling~I just love homeschooling and thank God for this wonderful opportunity He has given me.  I just love seeing my children's faces when they understand a concept they have been working hard on.

19.  Veterans~With Veterans Day approaching how can I not be thankful for all the Veterans who have served our country.  DON'T FORGET TO THANK A VETERAN!

20.  Our scrapbook~I received a beautiful scrapbook from a dear friend of mine from Maryland.  It was a wonderful surprised! The scrapbook captured all of our memories together from the time we met until the time we moved. We made many memories in the four months we were all together and we cannot wait to be with them again.


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  2. Hurray on the baptism decision! :) I love a good scrapbook, too!


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  5. just here from the gratitude community :) wonderful list! glad to hear your cup is full to overflowing...i love how counting up the gifts make me focus on the good, and not the things that would otherwise get me down. blessings in your day, ginny



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