01 November 2010

holy experience

I have came across an amazing blogger who inspires me in many different areas of my life and especially my spiritual walk with God.  Her description of words used on life are just exceptional.  Please stop by and visit Ann Voskamp over at A Holy Experience.  Each Monday Ann hosts Multitude Monday and I have now started participating in this wonderful experience.  We are to list 1,000 gifts that we have received or what we are thankful for and each Monday I will list new items.  There are many times where we do not realize the little blessings that God sends us each and every day.  I want to live my life for Him and to thank Him for never forsaking me and loving me.  So what better way than to show you the gifts He has sent me.

1.  My Salvation~I cannot start my list without thanking God and giving all the honor and glory to Him. I thank Him for dying on the cross for me and taking away my sins.  I fall humbly to my knees to honor Him.

2.  My husband~My best friend.  My hubby is a very important man in my life and one that I treasure deeply.  I thank God for sending him to me and I thank God for helping us to have such a strong and loving marriage; one that is Christ-centered.

3.  My daughter~My mini-me.  Kaitlyn is a true inspiration to me and the way that she perceives life.  She is going to be a true woman of God and I cannot wait to see the blessings that God has in store for her.  A true blessing sent from God.

4.  My son~My little man.  Kolton is a kind-hearted and a true gentleman.  His tenderness is a true reflection of God's love shining through Kolton.  His wife will be truly blessed to have Kolton has her spiritual leader.  A true blessing sent from God.

5.  The military~ Sacrifice.

6.  My friend Heather~Today is her birthday.

7.  My home~I thought I was ready to move to the "better" housing but God has put on my heart that sometimes "newer" is not always better.

8.  My neighbors~Another reason not to move.

9.  My mother~Inspiration, forgiveness, and humility.  A true blessing.

10.  My step-dad~Sense of humor, tough love, forgiveness, and compassion.  A true follower of Christ. 


  1. What a great idea; I will have to take a look at the page, and maybe join.
    I hope you are having a great start for the week.

  2. What a great list and activity to participate in! I am stopping by from Mingle Monday and I am following your blog! I hope you will visit us too at Just Married with Coupons


  3. I love Ann's blog! She really impacted me at Relevant. I'm not sure if I'll ever look at my blog the same way again. Hopefully I'll get it together enough one day to participate in Multitude Monday...hopefully ;)

  4. What a wonderful list of blessings! I look forward to reading more.



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