29 November 2010

Filled With Thanks

holy experience

Last week I took a week off of blogging to spend some time with my family.  Due to the weather, my husband received three days off of work and then had a four day weekend for Thanksgiving.  We really enjoyed our moments together and is on top of my Multitude Monday list.  Because I missed last week it will be added to this list. 

31.  The week of family time given to us from the Lord above.

32.  Had a wonderful birthday with the family.

33.  Happy that I have finished my two classes especially my Ethics class.

34.  Happy to start new classes.

35.  Husbands promotion.

36.  My husband for hanging Christmas lights outside in negative degree weather.

37.  The friends we spend Thanksgiving with.

38.  The smell of Yankee Candles during this season.

39.  Spending all day last Monday on the floor with the family watching Christmas movies.

40.  Husband did all the laundry.

41.  Watching my two blessings sleep.

42.  The late night talks that my daughter and I have together.

43.  Hearing that friends will be blessed with a new child.

44.  I love hearing my children ask more questions in regards to learning.

45.  Love the excitement the blessings have when they understand something new.

46.  My Manning.  Manning is our two year old West Highlander Terrier.  He is my baby.

47.  The ability to further my education and set an example of hard work to my children.

48.  Receiving an unexpected phone call from my cousin.

49.  Breakfast that my daughter and I prepared together.

50.  God blessing us with my husbands promotion.  I know I have this twice but it is a huge blessing and something that I thank God for every day. Plus, seeing the excitement and joy of my husband is overwhelming.  He truly deserves this and has worked so hard.  I am a proud wife.


  1. Very VERY great list! You have been so blessed and have a lot to be thankful for!! So glad you got to spend so much time with your husband too, great to have the 'whole' family there!



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