12 November 2010

Borrowing Can Help Cut Costs

Next month the hubby and I have a military formal ball to attend.  I do not mind attending these functions but I do try to avoid going as much as possible due to the cost.  At first, I had set in my mind that I was not going, until my dear friend Brandi convinced me otherwise.  The price to attend these functions can become pricey especially if you go all out such as nails, hair, tanning, dress, shoes, accessories, and tickets.  I decided that I was not going to go all out.  I was going to challenge myself.  I wanted to try and do it all for free except for the tickets (no way around that). 

I am happy to say that I was able to complete this challenge.  A friend of mine called and said she had a dress for me.  After trying it on, it was a little big BUT I have another friend who has offered to make alterations to the dress.  That same friend will be doing my hair, make-up and allowing me to borrow shoes. The total cost of this function is $88 (tickets) and a night of babysitting.  My friend who is allowing me to alter the dress said I did not need to pay her but just watch her daughter for a night so her and her hubby could have date night. SOLD!

I am so blessed to have friends step up and help me with this wonderful event that the hubby and I will treasure.  

For more Frugal Friday tips jump on over to Life As Mom.


  1. How cool that you could do all that for free!! So great to have such good friends that were willing to help out too. Baby sitting for all that! What a great deal!

    Now... you have any pictures? lol
    Have a great weekend!

  2. That's great it worked out so well! Enjoy your night out:o)



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