18 November 2010

Another Year Without Her

Tonight as I go to sleep, she will enter my mind.  I will think how tomorrow will be another birthday that will be celebrated without her.  Another year of not rushing to the phone to be the first to tell her "Happy Birthday"

To tell her I love her.

The day she died was the day she was to meet my first child.  She never made it on the plane.  Instead she was lying in the hospital thousands of miles away. 

I could not be there.

She never knew that my first child would then lead to another a few years later.  She would never meet her great grandbabies.  Ones that she could not wait for me to have.

I miss our talks.  I miss walking into her house and the smell of banana bread or chocolate chip cookies baking.  I miss the dish full of tootsie rolls that she would keep full hoping I would visit.

I miss my grandma.

So as I try to celebrate a birthday we once shared; I will always treasure the day I was able to share with her.

Happy Birthday Grandma, I love you. 


  1. I'm so sorry. Those memories will last forever though. She is up there making banana bread and chocolate chip cookies for everyone and getting your spot all ready!

    I hope that you have a very Happy Birthday and try to remember the good times.

    Losing someone is always so hard though and my thoughts and prayers are with you on this day.

  2. I really don't know how I missed this post :(! Wow.... she's always in your heart and always will be. Hold those memories close and treasure them! Love you Barb!!!



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