09 October 2010

He Really Did It....

Lil man and hubby went to a Cub Scout camp that was an hour away.  They woke up at 0500 and left an hour later.  Lil man was so excited for this all day camp.  All he spoke about was this polar plunge that was scheduled for those who wanted to participate.  Well, lil man was determined to do this and the hubby and I were not fans but thought okay he can try it.  We honestly knew that when they arrived at the camp lil man would have changed his mind.  Hubby told lil man that he (hubby) could not participate because hubby was getting over a horrible chest cold.  Lil man still insisted on participating in this crazy event.  Well, we were wrong..... 

Waiting patiently

I cannot believe he did this

I think it was a tad bit chilly

he was so proud of himself

Warming up by the fire

His patch for participating

1 comment:

  1. He looks so cold, so awesome that he did it though. I would have chickened out!



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