25 October 2010

Frugal Halloween Costumes

I meant to post this on Friday but with everything that went on emotionally I was not able to...so I am posting now. 

When it comes to Halloween my children do dress up and go out for candy.  I do not like to pay the prices that many stores are charging these days.  So, this year I wanted to try and find the most frugal way to dress the kids up this year.  Here are some of the ideas I have come up with:

*Borrow costumes from friends
*Use past costumes
*Make your own by sewing (I have a friend who made all three of her children's costumes this year)
*Look for items around your house that you could use

Here are some costumes that I can use with just items in my home:

*soccer player
*baseball player
*rock star
*basketball player
*GPS system (my DD wants to do this one)
*football player
*ballet dancer
*a television

Here is a costume that my friend "A" made for her daughter one year.  It is a sandwich with a pickle hat! So creative!

For more frugal tips jump on over to Life As Mom.


  1. Hey Barb! I had so much fun making "Wild Thing" costumes for my kids last year using a bunch of fleece that I already had in my craft room. This year, we are all dressing as pirates - with the exception of Lily, who will be Cleopatra. I bought Lily's costume at Target, but the rest of us are wearing handmade creations! We took old jeans and cut them off, pirate style. We bought red t-shirts at Michael's for $2.50 each and cut zigzags across the bottoms and cut off the sleeves. Jonathan already had a cool pirate hat and an old Coast Guard jacket to wear. We are going to be nice pirates and hand out chocolate gold dubloons at the CAG Harvest Festival. What fun!



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