26 October 2010

General Washington and His Army

I am so blessed that God had put homeschooling on my heart.  Years ago I would never of thought that I would be homeschooling my children.  I had a plan of staying home and being the soccer mom, PTA, car pooling, volunteering mom.  God had other plans, and I am so grateful that He intervened. 

Yesterday I had the proud homeschooling momma moment.  We are starting to learn about the Pilgrims and my son learned about President George Washington.  We have been reading many books and I had found a video on General George Washington.  After our reading of Sarah Morton we started the movie and my son was fascinated by Washington and how he ran his Army.  My son watched the movie three more times throughout the afternoon.  At one moment he came running downstairs, straight for the basement.  I asked him what he was doing and his reply was "I am getting my Williamsburg hat and my musket."  I had to chuckle.

My son has been in Washington's Army since yesterday and now this morning but my favorite part was last night.  The hubby and I went in to do our final check-in before bed and our son made us chuckle.  He was hugging his "musket" and each time we went to take it away he would pull it closer to him.

I loved hearing my son tell my husband all about General Washington and all that he learned.  Another great day at school!

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