02 September 2010


Living in Alaska there is one thing that I noticed many people participate in up here and that is four wheeling.  Every where you look there are four wheelers or you know of someone who has a four wheeler.  I never quite understood the whole "joy" of this four wheeling thing and then I hear people throw in how fun it is to do it while it is muddy outside.  Are you serious? Why would anyone want to go four wheeling in the mud?  I could not rationalize it; I mean you get all muddy, your clothes can get ruined, it will take you days to feel clean again, and just think about your washer...oh my goodness! 

Well, our neighbors invited us to a BBQ over the Fourth of July weekend and it included four wheeling.  Honestly, I was scared out of my mind, but I could not tell anyone that.  I mean I have to be strong and courageous.  But I was very scared I mean what if I get thrown off of this crazy machine and on top of that I would be all muddy.  I have this fear of not being surrounded by some type of structure while riding, such as motorcycles they scare me beyond belief and that is how four wheelers and snowmobiles are also.  Well, when they told me it was time to go my heart was beating faster, my hands were shaking and I probably had a little anxiety attack.  But I was playing like it was nothing.  As we started off I was telling myself "I wanna get off; I wanna go home; this is crazy" "I am gonna get myself killed!!!"  As you can see I am still alive and I have to admit four wheeling was not so bad.  My favorite part? Getting muddy!!!  I cannot believe how much fun it was to get muddy.  The best part of it all was this:

***Look at that hair***

***Four wheeling can really tire one out***

I am happy to say that everyone is okay and my hubby and son keep asking when we can get a four wheeler *sigh*


  1. Kaitlyn actually got dirty?

  2. **chuckling**
    Yes she did and she LOVED it!



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