20 September 2010

Day 78 Check In

I cannot believe that I only have 12 days left of the Bible in 90 Days reading!  Last week I was ahead of my reading by five days, as of today I am not.  With the new change in our schedule I have not been reading like I should be.  Although, I am on Acts 7 I will have read through Acts 16 before the end of the day which still puts me on track of completing the Bible in 90 days.  October 5th is the "official" last day of the Bible in 90 Days reading but I am setting a goal to be done by October 1st.  So I am off to do some more reading!

For more Bible in 90 Days jump on over to Moms Toolbox.


  1. That's great to hear! You're only a little behind, you can definitely catch up and get ahead!

  2. Great job! Praying that through God's strength and provision you will easily meet your goal!

    Stephanie :)



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