27 August 2010

What is that in the sky?

My family and I are about to reach our one year mark of living in Alaska and I cannot believe how fast time is flying.  I remember the first night we were in Alaska I woke up almost every hour to look out the window to view the Northern Lights.  Actually, from the time we arrived in Alaska up until our 23 hours of daylight I would always wake up during the night to check for the Lights.  I would jump out of bed in the middle of the night to look out my bedroom window or step outside out back and look up into the sky, and to my disappointment I never saw them. 

Last night while I was online a friend of mine on Facebook mentioned that she was outside watching the Northern Lights.  I jumped up ran out back and saw nothing.  Nothing.  I could not figure out why I could never witness this beauty that God has created.  Then it hit me "DUHHHHHH I am looking south not north."  So I ran through the house flew open the front door, ran onto the front lawn and voila, there they were.  This past year I was looking in the wrong place.  After, I saw the Lights I ran back inside, up the stairs to my bedroom, woke up the hubby, and told him "THE NORTHERN LIGHTS ARE OUT!!!" His response "cool" and then he rolled back over to his peaceful slumber that I interrupted.  I then ran back outside and stood there trying to take pictures that ultimately did not work.  After deciding that I would not be able to take a picture I stood there praising God for the beauty that He has created for all of us to admire.  Many people believe that there is a scientific fact on how these Lights work but I do not believe in science I believe in God. 

A few nights ago my good friend Lilianna was able to capture a beautiful picture of the Lights and I wanted to share it with you.  Thank you Lily for allowing me to use your beautiful picture; you are an amazing photographer.

Photo Credit: Lilianna Moon

I have said this before when I have referred to the beauty of Alaska; pictures do not offer justice.  One really has to witness this beauty themselves. 

Have any of you ever witnessed this beautiful sight?  If so, where were you located?

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