02 June 2010

Who invented this???

I have a really good friend whom I worked with in England and I will call her BG.  BG and I worked about six months together before I PCSd (moved) from England.  Our son and her daughter are just a couple months apart and BG and I have vowed they will betroth one day meet each other and pray something comes about.  Well, just the other night my BG had some random thoughts and posted it on Facebook.  Her thought was "who invented the items we use each day, such as a towel?"  She had me laughing because she vowed for the next month she will Google (she should be Swagbucking but anyways different conversation) who invented each item that we use each and every day.  After much laughing and wiping my tears I could not help but agree with her.  This morning I woke up to her telling Facebook that Sir John Harrington invented the toilet in 1596.  I wonder what tomorrow will be? Again this is my favorite BG and she will always keep me laughing.

Do you ever wonder about this or is it just BG and I???


  1. This by far one of the BEST posts you have written!! (lol jk I wonder why?) I totally look forward to my Blackberry telling me I have a new blog post from The Forever Neighbor pretty much everyday around midnite my time!Keep it up!!! =)

  2. That is pretty funny! I used to have a volleyball coach that would ask us stuff like that all the time. I just wish Google had been around then!



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