20 January 2010

My Hair....UGH!!!

Okay, how many of you out there have a problem with their hair? 

I know I do!

I get asked a lot about my hair.  I mainly get asked "how do you get it like that"?  Sometimes it makes me think "what is wrong with it"?  I have always been teased or comments have been made about my hair, ever since I could remember. 

I remember one girl in high school use to call me "Elaine" from Seinfeld.  I never really understood why, but I am still praying for her.  You see I wasn't really blessed with the Pantene Pro V commercial hair.  My hair is naturally frizzy in the front and okay in the back.  If I let my hair dry after a shower it literally looks like I stuck my finger in the electric socket.  Seriously, it does!!! 

Well, over the years, and after becoming a mom I did not have time to do all that fancy hair stuff.  You know the whole wash, blow dry (which made my hair worse), gel, style, flat iron (which I use to blow dry back in the day because I couldn't afford a real flat iron), and then shine.  Instead, it is shower, and put my hair back in a ponytail and spray with hairspray.  So most days I look like this:

***This is my beautiful blessing***

This picture was taken on Christmas Day.  As you can see it is pulled back and has that "slicked" look.  I can't stand it, but it works for me.  It takes a matter of 10-15 mins a day for me to do make-up and hair.  I do not have time everyday to anything more to it.

If I want to wear my hair down, this is how I have to accomplish that:

*take a shower at night, and let hair dry while sleeping.
*if we have an appt or somewhere to go I have to get up or start getting ready an hour earlier to flat iron
*it literally takes me 45 mins-1 hr to flat iron my hair (SERIOUSLY)!!
*after it is all straight I have to control those little flyaways you get from using a flat iron.
*then I am done....total time 1 HOUR 30 MINS minus the sleep hours!!!

Just to look like this:

***I sure do love this beautiful child (thank you Jesus)***

My hair is much longer than it shows in the picture.  I would love for my hair to look like this everyday but it doesn't.  And I am okay with that, because God created me in His image!!! 

This works for me!!!

For me WFMW jump on over to We are that Family


  1. What a lot of work for you! I guess I'll just keep my complaints about my sometimes straight, flat hair to myself. : ) Your daughter is such a pretty girl!

  2. You have beautiful hair, long and straight. I remember when you use to have the flip in the front. Now that was a hair style. :)



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