25 January 2010

Menu Monday

WOW! What a great weekend we had!  On Saturday we were able to sleep in, and then we went on a scenic drive around Fairbanks.  We were able to see Mt McKinley, the Alaskan pipeline and the beautiful mountain range.  Then on Sunday afternoon we watched football.  I am glad to announce that our football team, the Indianapolis Colts will be heading to the Super Bowl!!!  Unfortunately, my home state of Minnesota will not be.  So I apologize for not posting my menu earlier but it was a very nerve racking day, and I went to bed at 7:30pm last night!!!

Here is our menu for the week of January 25th-January 29th:

Monday~    cereal
                    mac&cheese with hot dogs
(Girl Scouts) enchiladas

Tuesday~ french toast
                 grilled turkey & cheese, with oranges
(TKD)      spaghetti with garlic bread

Wednesday~ Snicker doodle coffee cake
(Ballet)            sandwiches, crackers, and pineapple
                       Lipton chicken and potatoes

Thursday~  pancakes
                    pizza bagels

Friday~ cereal
             noodles & apples
(TKD)  homemade pizza

For some reason I had a harder time planning my menu today compared to when we were eating from the Pantry.  I would think with a little more food in the house it would be easier to make a menu, but it wasn't.  I wonder why that is?  

We have our usual busy week consisting of Girl Scouts, ballet and Tae Kwon Do (TKD), plus on Friday we will be attending a Spelling Bee being hosted by our homeschool company.  My daughter will be participating in the Bee next year so we are going to see what it entails this year, so she knows for next year. 

How is your week looking like?  Are you planning on trying a new recipe? If so, what recipe will it be? 
For more menu ideas jump on over to Org Junkie.

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