31 January 2010

Menu Monday Feb 1st-5th

What a week we had!  Nothing really happened but I did not follow our menu at all, and what a difference it made in our week.  I have come to say I HAVE to have a menu.  I cannot go without having a menu, it is like my food "to do list", if that makes sense.  When it came time to prepare a meal I was "huh what am I going to make."  You know what it was? I can tell you, it was pure laziness, and no organizational skills being used.  However, taking the kids outside to enjoy some much needed fresh air really had a priority over the dinner menu.  Wouldn't you say? It has been since November that my children have had an opportunity to go play at the park.  So I would rather let them have their "kid time" then worry about following a menu. 

This week we have a break from ballet and have nothing else on our schedule besides Tae Kwon Do.  However, that doesn't mean we get to relax, instead we will be doing a deep clean of our house.  I feel like some things have been set to the back burner, but need to be brought forward to the front burner (sorry bad joke ;)  Also, we will be hosting a Super Bowl party and opening our door to others so we can serve them, which means we need to get the house in order. 

On that note here is our menu for the week:

Monday~ pancakes
                 noodles with oranges
                 lipton chicken with potatoes (I will be making these this week considering they have been on my menu for how many weeks now????)

Tuesday~ snicker doodle coffee cake
                 sandwiches with yogurt and fruit
                 spaghetti (again one that will be done!!!)

Wednesday~  cereal
                        grilled turkey and cheese with apples
                        parmesan season chicken breast with rice and green beans

Thursday~  eggs and bacon
                    pizza bagels
                    baked ziti

Friday~  cereal
               chicken tetrazzini (I have modified for our family...I like to double the sauce)

I will make everything on this menu this week.  I have no reason why I shouldn't.  Today at church the service was about how to use our time that we have here on earth.  So I plan using my time wisely.  Less time on the computer, and more on God and family.  I am praying that I will have an extra hour in the morning before the blessings wake, to spend with God, computer time, and to do get some little things done.  Please hold me accountable, I will need your help!  =) 

How was your week?  Anything exciting happening?  Do you need prayer?  If so please email me and I would love to pray for you.

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