22 January 2010

Baking from Scratch

Yesterday I went grocery shopping and I try to avoid the inner aisles but I had to go down the chip and cookie aisle.  While down the aisle my son asked if he could get some chocolate chip cookies.  Of course the answer was "no we can make those at home for cheaper."  I loved his enthusiasm when he answered because he was "yeah mom and can we help you make them?"  I said "of course", he then threw his fists in the air as in victory and said yesssss.  It was great!!

After my son's excitement I started thinking about how much money we save by baking from scratch.  The cookies that my son were looking at were about $3 or $4 and I could make homemade cookies for about half of that.  Plus, while baking from home you may choose to double your recipe and freeze half the dough or bake and freeze.  When baking cookies I usually bake the entire batch and then freeze a little more than half.  Then over time I can pull cookies out of the freezer, instead of buying them. This has really helped us save some money on our grocery bill.

For more money saving tips jump on over to LifeasMom

1 comment:

  1. I have learned that you can save so much money baking from scratch. It is such a bonding experience with your kiddos too!



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