25 July 2013

Just Say Yes

Moms Mustard Seeds

Dishes are piling up in the sink. Toilets need to be clean. Children need to be taught. My schoolwork is past due. Bills need to be paid. Grocery shopping is a must. The children are arguing. I have a to-do list as long as the state of California and it all needs to get done. 

I am focused to complete everything on my list.

Then I hear, “Mom want to play beyblades with me?”

I immediately respond, “Sorry bub but I have a lot to do today maybe later or tomorrow, okay?”

I see the hopeful expression disappear into a sad and bummed out face.

My heart aches.

Why am I allowing all this stuff take over my life and take time away from my children?

One thing I have learned over this past year is we are not guaranteed tomorrow. I do not know when He will call any of us home, but I do know that I want to embrace and cherish each day I have with my children.

The to-do list can wait.

His sad expression has now turned into excitement when I say “you know what bub it can wait, let’s play.”

My heart is full.

I would rather want my children to have memories of us playing games and laughing rather than all the chores and the never ending to-do list that I was attached too. 

Our children want our time. Our 100% full attention on them. No phones. No computers. No interruptions. The best thing we can give them is our time because we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

I challenge you today to set aside the to-do list and just play with your children. Build a fort. Play a board game. Go outside. Go play at the park with them. Read a book together. Color. Give your full attention to your children. Not only will it bless your children but you will be blessed as well.


  1. YES! We only have today with them! Excuse me, while I head out to ride bikes in the cul de sac - summer and children are calling! Thanks for linking up to Ultimate Mom's again! Loving your posts.... and your sweet, gentle reminders.

  2. Yes! My strokes taught me that we just never know.

  3. So true! Everything else can and will wait! :)



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