14 February 2013

The Best Valentine's Gift Ever

Many people celebrate Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is very important to some people. Our family does not partake in this holiday. It is a choice that the hubby and I made many years ago. Each year I hear more and more people become consumed with this holiday. Ensuring the flowers and candy has been bought. Dinner reservations made. Babysitter scheduled. For one night to show their loved ones just how much they love them.
We need to remember the most important Valentine’s gift all of us have received. This gift was given to us over 2,000 years ago….

Source: openphoto.net via Zandy on Pinterest

We also need to remember to show our loved ones just exactly how much we love and cherish them each day. No one knows the exactly when our time is done on this earth.

Hug your blessings even more…..

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