03 January 2013

My Spiritual Goals for 2013

On New Year's Day I posted about my goals for 2013. I just wrote a list of each area of my life that I wanted to achieve for 2013.  It was just a list. A vague listing of my goals.  I mentioned that I wanted to go a little deeper and explain how I was going to achieve those goals I have set for myself. Today I will be speaking about my spiritual goals.
If you would like to read all my goals for 2013 click here.

Reading the Bible in 365 days.
A couple of years ago I read the Bible in 90 days, but have not read it in its entirety since then. I want to dig deeper in His Word and to know Him more. I want to take my time with reading and not rush through it. I have started a reading plan on the YouVersion app on my Iphone to keep track of my progress. I would like to complete my daily reading in the morning before the family gets up for the day.

Memorize Proverbs 31.
Proverbs 31:10-31 is one of my favorite passages. The passage helps me to reflect on my duties as a wife and mother. I will begin memorizing two verses a month. I should have the entire passage memorized by the end of November, BUT I am giving myself until December 31, 2013 to have it completely memorized and settled within my heart.

Memorize Scripture God Puts On My Heart.
Along with memorizing Proverbs 31, I will memorize other Scriptures that God lays on my heart. At times God does put things on our hearts, even Scriptures, that He would like us to memorize. I want to stress that I am not memorizing to memorize. I am memorizing and settling His Words into my heart. It is one thing to memorize, it's another to plant it within your heart. Anyone can memorize Scripture. That's the easy part. It's the planting into your heart and meditating on His Word. That is what I am working on.

Morning Quiet Time.
If you have read my blog over the years you will know that I am not a morning riser. I would love to be and I was working on it, until the holidays approached. Well, it's time to get back into working on getting up early. When I do wake before my family I feel refreshed and ready to take on the world. Maybe not the world, but at least the household.  Another thing I enjoy about rising early is my quiet time with Him. During my quiet time I read my Bible, pray, and listen to what He tells me. It is just like any relationship we have with people. In order to know about someone we need to take the time to get to know them. Same goes with Jesus. We need to take the time to get to know Him. My morning quiet time allows me to do that. No distractions. Just He and I.

Attend Two Women's Conferences.
I believe that I have only attended one women's conference since I accepted Jesus. Sad. I know. This year I will be attended two conferences. One conference is later this month and it is out of town. I will be attending with some beautiful women from my church. I cannot wait. The other conference is in March. My church will be hosting the conference. These two conferences are early in the year so I will be looking for other conferences close to home to attend throughout the year.

Complete Good Morning Girls Luke Bible Study.
I just love the Good Morning Girls (GMG) website. The women are so uplifting! I have seen that the women host online Bible studies on their site, but never have participated. Starting January 14th, GMG will be starting a Bible study of Luke 1-8.  I have signed up to join the study. Please know that anyone can participate and you do not have to read or participate in the morning. If you are interested in learning more about the study please click here for more information.
Will you join us?

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