31 December 2012

Christmas Blessings 421-431

I pray everyone had a blessed filled Christmas. I know we did. My mommy and my stepdad arrived from South Carolina on December 21st and we traveled North to spend an early Christmas with my brother and his family. The weekend was a huge blessing because my mom and stepdad met their grandson and granddaughter for the first time. Along with meeting their newest grandchildren, they were able to bond with the older grandchildren, and we were able take family portraits. I feel blessed to end 2012 the way we did.

421.  My parents arriving from South Carolina

422. Spending Christmas weekend with my brother and his family

423. Watching my parents bond with their grandchildren

424.  My parents spending a week with my family

425.  My parents spending Christmas with us

426.  My children opening Christmas gifts

427.  Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus

428.  My children's rooms cleaned and organized

429.  My children's rooms cleaned and organized for more than 24 hours

430.  Making meals for my parents

431.  Quiet talks with my mommy

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